The sad short story about Catherine Gloom

She goes the job centre the fifth time this week. She wants to have a job, of course, because her father doesn’t have any money left. She is under the pressure of him because he needs money for his alcoholic-indiana-jones-adventures every time. For she knows she received very good marks in school, she once was optimistical to get a job. But she ever feels lonely.

After a 15-minute-walk, she enters the job centre and is heading to the desk, where a young women is sitting, maybe 24 years old. She ask again for a job, but she is disappointed another time. She leaves the job centre with low head and begins to feel more and more depressed. She even thinks about suicide. While she goes home, lost in thoughts, she makes her mind up about her dark future. Shortly before her home, she crosses the street without looking to left or to the right. A car arrives and runs her over. It is the car from the job cetre’s desk woman, who wanted to tell her that she just found a good job for her.

Rypzylon, the VII.IV.MMV


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